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This Is For You My Precious

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Written by Tara

July 4, 2021
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“BITCH I’M DA MAN” – Shawty Lo (Rest in Paradise)

If you don’t know that song, go listen right now: I’m Da Man – D4L 

This song plays in my head daily. I’m not a man but if you go listen to it… you will probably get why it plays in my head so much.

Confidence is everything.

Believing in yourself is everything.

YOU may not think Shawty Lo is the man but that doesn’t matter because he knows he’s THE MAN. There’s a lesson in there.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks of you, they don’t wake up and walk in your shoes.


It only matters what YOU think. What YOU believe.

I’m 5’2… but deep down inside, I’m 6’2 and you can’t tell me any different LMFAO

As long as YOU believe in yourself and YOU put in the work to get where you want to be, no one can tell you shit. 

You couldn’t tell Shawty Lo he wasn’t the man. You can’t tell me I’m not 6’2. 


Jokes aside. Believe in yourself.


Say it loud and proud and go after that shit.

Tara loves you.


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