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Earn FREE Crypto!

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Written by Tara

May 30, 2021
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So I tweeted a thread about earning FREE crypto on Coinbase and I had a few people ask me “HOW?”…. (*link to my thread here*)

Well I’m going to show you exactly how because I love my Stackers!

  1. Sign up for Coinbase using my affiliate link where we both can earn $10 in $BTC just by using this link:) —> GET YOUR COINBASE ACCOUNT HERE
  2. Download Google Authenticator (App Store or Google Store) and set up 2FA for your Coinbase account to protect your coins (What is 2FA?)
  3. Log into your Coinbase account and look for the ‘Rewards’ section. On your mobile device, just scroll down on the home page and you’ll see something like this:

4. Under the rewards section, you’ll see many different cryptocurrencies that are available to earn just by watching a 1-3 minute video. So you learn more about the game AND get free coins. EASY.

5. After you get your free coins, don’t forget to actually use the knowledge learned in these videos to invest in more crypto. The technology is here to stay.

Bonus: I highly suggest you go through and do these at least once a week, it’s FREE MONEY.

Love you, Canary out.


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