The Road Less Traveled

When you meet successful people, they are usually alone or in small groups with other successful people.

‘Birds of a feather flock together’ is very real. When you’re on a certain path in life, you only want to be around people that reaffirm your goals… not people that go against them.

Successful people travel along a road that is barely traveled. We tend to go places other people wouldn’t dare go, we tend to do things others are too scared to do, and we are able to go through things other people couldn’t fathom handling. It comes with the life.

You want to take the road untraveled… that is if you want things that other people don’t have. If you want to be the “first”, you’re going to have to do things other people before you wouldn’t do.

A lot of people these days are the first to graduate college, the first in their family to start a business, the first to go to grad school and so…. so many firsts.

Understand that in order to be the first to accomplish something, you need to try and fail. You to need to work harder and smarter than those before you.

The road less traveled isn’t easy but it is rewarding.

I never think about a goal as “oh this requires a lot of time or work”. I look at the journey ahead as worth the reward I will receive for completing my task. Most people don’t think like this. Most people think of becoming a doctor as “a decade in school”, the people who ACTUALLY want to be a doctor don’t look at the time in school as a deterrent… more like apart of the journey because becoming a doctor drastically outweighs the sacrifice of spending so much time in school.

You have to want it…. and BAD… especially when you take the road less traveled.

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  1. Chantal

    Definitely in the “lonely” part of my journey. I’ve never felt so disconnected but I don’t mean it in a bad way 💯

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