Use Your Tools


“Everybody needs a kick in the ass every now and then… even me.” – Me

Life is many things: good (hopefully), bad (sometimes), exciting (sometimes), eventful… I can go on for days. But life is always one thing: what you make it.

Once you accept life for what it is and learn how to maneuver through it, the world will open up to you like an oyster.

Stop looking to other people to make shit happen for you.


Things will only happen when you get up and make them happen.

The best things in life will not just fall into your lap.

You have to strategize and work for them.

The universe provides you with every single thing that you need to make shit happen. Most people overlook these tools because they’re too busy looking for what they don’t have. Again, don’t be this person. Look at what you have RIGHT NOW and figure how you can make something shake with that. 

You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish when you learn how to work with what you have.


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